Mahlon & Bretton | Chateau Lake Louise 

November 23, 2018

Ashley Lewkowicz|Signature Weddings by Ashley

"Love is forgiveness and forgiveness is love. When you wake up in the morning, look each other in the eye and know that no matter what they do today, you're going to forgive them. You're always going to fall short of one another's expectations. If you love them, you'll forgive them. And if you forgive them, that means you love them." 

Mahlon & Bretton: A Canadian boy and an American girl with a love as immense as the sprawling scenery they wed within. The couple's vibrant group of family and friends (who are like family) came together at the iconic Chateau Lake Louise to celebrate the love that these two share. Laughter and tears filled the space along with warmness, togetherness, and a fondness for the future. If the love and commitment Mahlon & Bretton show for one another is how they take on everything in their lives together, we haven't a doubt that these two will move mountains. 

For just a tiny glimpse of the heartwarming, powerful energy of this day, see their Wedding video with this link!

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