Laura & Curtis | Silvertip Resort 

October 16, 2018

Ashley Lewkowicz|Signature Weddings by Ashley

Laura and Curtis' story was simply to touching not to share. The two began as friends but soon transitioned into partners, becoming high school sweethearts to last the years. 

On their first date, Laura and Curtis visited West Edmonton Mall where they spotted a Photo Booth and took an adorable series of photos together. Each year following their first date, the couple kept up the tradition, visiting the same Photo Booth on their anniversary. 

Since the age of 16, there was never a doubt in either Curtis or Laura's mind that they'd be together forever. They knew they'd one day be engaged and married. It was never a question of "if," merely a question of "when." Curtis asked Laura to dinner, stopping quickly at the mall to "buy a golf club." Though Laura found it a strange errand to run at that moment, she went along for the ride. When they walked by the Photo Booth, Curtis noted that it was "about that time of year again" and the two stepped in for the last time as boyfriend and girlfriend. 

Curtis popped the questing as soon as they put their coins in, capturing the moment on film to be kept alongside each the memories from each year previous. On the day of their stunning Silvertip wedding in Canmore, Alberta, their photos hung for all to see. Stories like this, weddings like these, and couples like Laura and Curtis are exactly why we do what we do. Thank you endlessly for letting Signature Weddings be part of your special day. 

To view their enchanting wedding video and hear more about their story, click the link below.

Love always, SWBA.

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