Planning Weddings During A Pandemic


None of us could have ever imagined that a pandemic would impact our lives, our communities and the entire world within our lifetimes. Still, to this day, it’s pretty unfathomable. All individuals and all industries are being impacted by these unprecedented times and that most certainly does not exclude the wedding and event industry.  Planning weddings during a pandemic isn’t exactly easy.

If you have an upcoming wedding you’re probably wondering what everything from social distancing mandates to travel restrictions might mean for your event. The thing is, there are no answers apart from that we need to listen to our government and health officials and do what we can to keep ourselves and others healthy. The situation is ever-changing and the only thing we can offer you is our single best skill: adaptability. 

At Signature Weddings, we’ve been mastering the art of adaptability since the day we heard our first “I do.” Sometimes it rains, sometimes a summer filled with forest fires drops a layer of smoke over the Rockies, sometimes there are floods. What there always is, no matter the circumstance is a wedding. 

This situation is unique, as we will only advise what is in the best interests of our couple and their guests’ health and safety. Sometimes, adapting doesn’t look like pushing through, but rather changing directions. If that means changing dates or changing plans, we’re committed to maintaining our mission to relieve as much stress and strain in planning (and re-planning) your wedding as possible, right from the proposal to the final dance of the evening. 

Bekki & Ian

Bride & Bouquet

One of this year’s couples, scheduled to get married on March 28th, spoke to The Globe and Mail about their experience. Bekki and Ian had worked with Signature Weddings for over a year to plan their dream wedding. From a big yellow ski bus to bring their guests to the ski hill and a gorgeous wedding in Canmore to the honeymoon suite at the Banff Springs and an unforgettable getaway to Switzerland, every detail had been worked out and highly anticipated for months. 

Bekki, a nurse practitioner had been feeling the energy and anxiety surrounding the pandemic at work. For the health and safety of themselves and their loved ones, they decided to postpone. 

We contacted all their vendors, working to recover and pause all possible funds. Though the decision was difficult, it was the right call without a doubt. The wedding will be scheduled at a later date and we are looking at this as hitting the pause button for the time being. 

Bekki and Ian are one of several examples of couples who have had weddings impacted by the current global health crisis. 

To Pause, Postpone, Or Cancel

Though the option to go ahead with a wedding right now is not there on account of government mandates and best health practices, the options for moving forth are endless. It’s difficult to imagine what the future will look like, especially in the near future. However, we are here to help you adapt or adapt on your behalf.

We’re your advocates, no matter what. In (global) sickness and in health, we’re still here, planing and re-planning that dream wedding of yours. 

Our partners at Rocky Mountain Wedding Collective have compiled some tips for rescheduling, cancelling, and communicating with your guests. 

Above all, the person you need to communicate with is yourself. Times of change are jarring, but they are also excellent opportunities to get creative and check-in with yourself and what matters most. 

Our Promise To You

Your love isn’t going anywhere, and neither will we. Your wedding will happen, we will work through this together. Let’s take information as it comes and grow with it together. 

Cheers to you and cheers to your dream wedding. 

We’re here for you, right up until “I do.”

Planning weddings during a pandemic isn’t what we saw coming, but we are absolutely up for the challenge.