Chloe & Russell of Black and White Photo and Video

Introducing Black and White Photography and Videography. It’s no secret that the breathtaking Rocky Mountains inspire and inform the work of all sorts of talented creatives both in the area and around the world. In Canmore, we’re blessed with a vibrant community of artists and makers who share their talents and creations for everyone to enjoy and find installation from, too. 

Black and White Photography and Videography is a creative collaboration between Russell, a videographer, and Chloe, a photographer. The duo is a couple who live in Canmore and embody the adventurous spirit their imagery puts forth. Their style is both timeless and trendy, seamlessly transforming to suit the personalities of the couples that they shoot. 

In fact, when asked where they draw their inspiration from, they told us “Our wild surroundings and people’s love stories are both inspirations for us. You can see much deeper into a photograph when learning the history of the couple you are shooting. Not only does this build a connection with your client but their love emulates through the photograph just that much more, always leaving a lasting impression on us.” Because we work directly with couples in all that we do, we couldn’t relate more to Chloe and Russel’s source of inspiration. 

Black and White established as a company for four years, though they began shooting weddings two years before then.

“Growing up in small mountain towns of both Truckee California and Canmore Alberta, picking up a camera capturing our surroundings and adventures seemed only natural. We have been truly blessed to turn our hobby into our daily lives, sharing our passion with friends, family and couples from around the world,” they explained.

The pair are incredibly adventurous. While you can almost always find them with cameras in hand or at home editing, “we do have some downtime where you can typically find us exploring our wild backyard of Canmore, Alberta, either hiking, camping, skiing or canoeing!” 

Black and White’s visuals are natural, moody, and earthy. They have been refining their style for years. “We’ve always been attracted to capturing candid real-time moments and editing to achieve natural rich earth tones. With time and experience, these two things have really shaped our style of photography,” they told us.

Selecting a wedding photographer or videographer is so deeply important. Your visuals are the tangible memories you get to take away from your big day. You are essentially picking the person or team of creatives who will help you preserve your wedding day. 

We asked Black and White what advice they’d give to couples looking to select a wedding photographer. The suggested “finding someone whose style appeals to you, as well as making sure they complement your personality. You will be with this person for a lot of your day, it helps to have someone who is nice and fun to be around.”

Beyond that first decision, there is the actual shooting that some couples are nervous about. Just because you’re getting married, doesn’t mean you like to be in front of a camera. So, we asked Black and White what advice they have for the camera-shy couples out there. 

“If you are nervous about your photo being taken that is ok, most people are! Just make sure to communicate with the photographer, we are here to help you enjoy every moment! Most photographers will shoot to your strengths, make you feel confident and help you along the way. If you are super nervous we would highly recommend an engagement session. This helps you build a relationship with your photographer as well as get the confidence you need in their ability,” they explained. 

While they are masters of their craft, they like to stay on top of the emerging trends. “Photography is always hitting new ideas and trends this is part of what makes it exciting day after day. A new trend that we have been in love with is in-home engagement sessions. We love to capture couples in their day to day, whether it be cozying up in bed or cooking together in the kitchen.” 

At Signature Weddings, we feel endlessly blessed to live where we do and have the opportunity to collaborate with vendors like Black and White who are so fun, talented, and just so good at what they do.